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Horne Lake Caves

Step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. You’ll find that there is a whole new world to see; a cavers world. As you make your way through the spectacular world that is The Underground, you will reach places within yourself that you never knew existed. So take the chance! Visit website.


Parksville Qualicum beach

A beautiful sand beach with picture perfect views. There isn’t a better place to spend the day, with activities for all ages. From the dreamland wheelchair accessible playground, to water games, outdoor fitness gym, skatepark, and a beach volleyball court. Spend hours enjoying this magical place. Visit website.


Transfer Beach Ladysmith

What a wonderful place to take your family with a large seaside park for the children to monkey around on. Take a nice dip in the pacific ocean, or rent a kayak and go exploring. Chase your children through the water park, or sit and enjoy a picnic. There is lots to do and so much fun to be had. Visit website.


Coombs (Goats on a roof)

A fabulous market, wonderful little shops, and so many ice cream flavors. You will always find what you are looking for, or find things you didn’t know you needed, in this unique space. Sit and watch the Goats eating their grass on top of the roof while enjoying some of the delicious food to be found in the market. A place you will never forget. Visit website.


Whale Watching

Spend three to four hours cruising through the Salish Sea on the lookout for whales and other sea life in their natural habitat.  From killer whales, humpback whales, sea lions, and porpoises; to seals, eagles, and so much more. Visit website.


Protection Island

There is nothing quite like a small gorgeous island that only houses several hundred people. The peacefulness overcomes you, the air is fresh, and the people are so eager to meet you. Visit website.


Dinghy Dock Pub

From a marina with a bait shop and showers, to a classic pub style restaurant. This rustic floating restaurant is a great experience, with a fascinating history. Visit website.


Cathedral Grove

A mystical forest with breathtaking agriculture. It makes you feel as though you are walking through a dream. The largest of trees towering over you, and pure oxygen filling your lungs. Enjoy a fairytale moment. Visit website.


Ammonite Falls

Not many can say they have visited this hidden gem. A small little hike is worth the stunning views you achieve, with the glowing waterfall and a beautiful blue lake at the bottom. Visit website.


Englishman River Falls

In the summer, this is the place to be. There are not one, but two magnificent falls for swimming and it’s an amazing place to see the salmon spawning. An experience you’ll never forget. Visit website.


Haslam Suspension Bridge

A lovely little hike to stand on this suspension bridge and overlook mossy green rocks perfectly set in a beautiful creek. Visit website.


Trans Canada Trail

A stupendous trail for cycling, running, walking, jogging, you name it. Stretching from Nanaimo to Victoria, is just one smidge of the enormous trail. The Trans Canada Trail is the largest recreation trail in the world. 100% connected, 24,000 km, and 13 provinces and territories. Visit website.


Port Alberni

Is a special little town with many quirks. Largely known for salmon fishing, it is a friendly town with many local activities to be enjoyed. Surrounded by mountains, fresh water lakes and streams. Visit website.



This place is where the surfing magic happens. Beautiful picturesque beaches, amazing food and rad people. The smell of salt water in your hair, and the taste of tacofino on your lips. This is paradise! Visit website.



Sitting on the edge of Vancouver Island is this little piece of heaven. A beautiful, tranquil, and laid back environment against the backdrop of the powerful Pacific Ocean. Visit website.


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