Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Booking/Check-In & Out/payment/cancellation:

What is full service, partial service and nature sites?

Full service sites provide hookups to electricity(30 or 50amp), water and sewer.

Partial service sites are hooked up to electricity(30 or 50amp) and water.

Nature sites are sites without hookups to electricity, water or sewer.


Do you have tenting sites?

Yes, we do. Nature sites or partial service sites are good options for tenting. Full service sites may not be ideal for tenting because of the sewer hookups.


How many people at maximum can stay on a site?

Maximum 4 adults and their children are allowed to stay on a site. Total headcount should not exceed 8. (During Covid-19 pandemic, specific regulations from health authority about gathering will rule.)


How big is each site? Which site shall I book for my stay?

Please go to our website click the “Book Now” button on the top right corner, a list of sites and their specific site pictures and rough dimensions will be shown. You can book by site category or book on the map.

You can choose the site according to the size of your trailer. Please also take into account the picnic table and fire ring.  Please be reminded that you are not allowed to move fire ring. If you are not sure if the trailer will fit the site or not, you can always call our office at 250-245-1169 for help.


May I put a tent beside my trailer for my kids to play inside?

Yes, you may. Please keep safe distance from the fire ring.


May I invite my friends’ family to camp in a tent beside our trailer in the same site?

Yes, you may as long as there is enough space and safe enough from the fire pit. Please be reminded that there are rules of additional adult charge (older than 14 years) and maximum allowed headcount for each site.


Is your campground open year-round?

Yes, we offer monthly, seasonal and long-stay rates. Please call our office at 250 245 1169 for details.


What is the minimum stay requirement?

For campsites: 2-night minimum for non-long weekends. 3-night minimum for long weekends.

For RV glamping: 3-night minimum for peak days and 2-night minimum for non-peak days. Please refer to the RV Glamping page for calendars of peak/non peak days. The system may allow you to book for nights less than requested minimum stay under “sandwiched orphans” situation. Under this circumstance, an additional $100 cleaning fee will be charged when you check in.


We are a group of several families and plan to book RV glampings. Are they adjacent to each other?

G1, G2 and G3 are adjacent. G4 is located on site 67. There is about 3-minute walking distance between G4 and G1/2/3.


Can my glamping site host my friend’s family to stay in their tents?

For the purpose of letting glamping guests best enjoy their stays, we are sorry that we do not allow another family to sleep in their tents on glamping sites. Small 1 to 2 person play tent might be allowed for your kids to enjoy during the daytime as long as there is enough space and safe enough from the fire pit. Please be reminded that G1 G2 G3 are on gravels.


What is your check-in and check-out time?

Campsites for RV or tents: Check-in is after 1pm and check-out is before 11am.

RV Glampings: Check-in is after 4pm and check-out is before 10am.

The latest check-in time is 9pm.


Can I check in earlier or check out later than requested time?

We offer early check-in or late check out option for a fee of $25 for campsites and $80 for RV Glampings. Please call our office the night before at 250 245 1169 to check availability.


What time will the park gate be locked?

The park gate will be locked from 10pm until 7am next morning. During your stay, if you come back late from outings when the park gate is locked, please park your car at visitor’s parking lot outside the park gate and walk into the park quietly.


Where is the booking link?

When you go to our website you will find the “Book Now” button on the top right corner.

Or you can click here to book now.


How do I pay for my booking?

All reservations need to be pre-paid.

If you book through our online booking engine, you will be asked by the system to pay through Paypal. Please note you can use your credit card to do the Paypal payment.

If you book over the phone, you can pay by credit or debit card. Or you can e-transfer to payment@mountainairervpark.com with your booking confirmation number. Your reserved spots will be released if we do not receive your payment within 48hours from booking.


What is your cancellation/refund policy?

We will endeavor to work with you to re-schedule your reserved time.

-For campsites:

SINGLE SITE BOOKING: If a cancellation notice is received more than 15 days from your reserved check in date, a full refund will be credited to your account. If received within 15 days and more than 7 days from your reserved check in date, a $20.00 processing fee will be assessed. There are no refunds within 7 days of arrival or for early departure.

GROUP BOOKING (two and more than two sites booked under same booking number): If a cancellation notice is received more than 30 days from your reserved check in date, a full refund less $40.00 will be credited to your account. If received within 30 days and more than 15 days from your reserved check in date, a $80.00 processing fee will be assessed. There are no refunds within 15 days of arrival or for early departure.

-For RV Glampings:

If a cancellation notice is received more than 30 days from your reserved check in date, a full refund less a $40.00 processing fee will be credited to your account. If received within 30 days and more than 15 days from your reserved check in date, a $80.00 processing fee will be assessed. There are no refunds within 15 days of arrival or for early departure.

Please send email request to payment@mountainairervpark.com and include your reservation number in the email for us to process. Please expect a 2-week window to receive the money back to your card.



Can I bring my pets to your park?

For campsite bookings: Yes, your pets are welcome. We charge $1/night for each pet.

For RV Glamping bookings: Currently we have the setting to welcome your up to two pets in G1. We will set up the pet house in the yard of G1 and will provide leash. Pets under 25lb can go inside G1 in owner provided crates. There is an additional charge of $20/night for each pet. In the event of any additional cleanings or repairs needed caused by the pets, additional fee might be charged.



I come from the mainland of BC. Which ferry should I take?

Both Departure Bay and Duke Point ferry terminals are within the similar distance to our park(~22km). Any ferry to either of them will work.


Which navigation tool should I use to lead to your park?

We found Google map did a good job in finding our place correctly. GPS sometimes did not work well.

There are signs along the Trans Canada Highway at both directions indicating the direction to our park.


Groceries and Meal Delivery:

Where can I get groceries?

Some light groceries are carried at our store.

If you come off from Departure Bay or Duke Point ferry terminal to our park, Country Grocer is nearby.

During your stay at our park, 49th Parallel Grocer in Ladysmith is close by(13mins drive). Save on foods in Ladysmith is also a good choice(16mins drive).


Are there any Asian food market on the island?

Fairway Market, Sunny Market and Man Lee are Asian food stores. Superstore also carries quite a lot of Asian food.


Are there any restaurants nearby who can deliver meals to the park?

Roberts Street Pizza and Country Kitchen. You can ask for their menus from our store.


Amenities, Activities and Events:

Is there cellphone signal? Do you provide wifi?

Yes, however the strength of the cell signal depends on your phone service provider.

Yes, we provide free wifi. The wifi signal varies in different spots at the park depending on the density of big trees.


What time does the movie start during summer weekends?

When it gets dark. The projector will only work well when it is dark. Btw we provide free popcorn. 😊


What amenities do you have in the park? What activities can I do with my kids at your park?

We have a big playground that kids will definitely enjoy, a pond where you can catch and release or observe millions of western toads(species at risk) growing from tadpoles to western toads and migrating to the forests and huge lawns for kids to run and bike. You may also enjoy arcade, beach volleyball (please bring your own ball) and horseshoe games(we rent horseshoe rings) with your family or friends. A badminton net is being planned. A fire pit overlooking the pond is scheduled to be released for use in July 2021.

There is private trail to the beautiful crystal-clear Nanaimo river where you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, playing on floating toys, or even rock diving. If you prefer kayaking, we suggest you use a utility wagon to carry the kayak to and back from the river because there are slopes in some parts of the trail.

We are also renowned for our special events. To name a few, Easter Day egg hunting, Victoria Day fireworks, Father’s day catch and release, summer weekend movie and free popcorns, National Day Carnival, bike parade, and Thanksgiving pig roast, etc. Please always check our website for event calendars

There is also a store, public washrooms and bathrooms, a laundromat and a dumpsite in our park.


Do you provide free shower?

Yes. We provide warm and steady shower for free. Please join us in the effort of saving the energy and protect the environment.


Do you sell firewood?

Yes, we do. $10/wheelbarrow.


RV Supplies, RV Rental, & Technical Support:

Where can I get RV supplies or get my trailer fixed if emergency happens?

Our store carries some RV related stuff like RV toiler papers, etc.

Arbutus RV at the Nanaimo airport specializes in RV supplies and repairs.


I am interested in trying RV camping but I do not have a trailer now. Where can I rent one?

We have on-site RV Glamping units for guests to stay. You can just pack your clothes and come explore the RV life. There are also several RV rental stores on the island near Nanaimo who rent the RV and can also deliver and set up the trailer for you at the designated place. You can search online and find one.


RV Glamping:

This is going to be my first time living in an RV. What should I pack?

Our RV glamping units are equipped like a resort suite with a nice yard, fire ring, picnic table and chairs, and outdoor kitchen or barbecues. You can always check our website or click the following link for a detailed list on what are provided.

Most importantly, please come relaxed and immerse yourself into the mother nature, and… enjoy!


Does your RV glamping unit have awning?

Yes. Each of our glamping units has (a) awning(s) and a deck.


What should I pay attention to when living inside?

It is always a good idea to read through RV Glamping Policies and  GUEST BEHAVIOR in our RV Glamping page before your visit so that you can have an idea what an RV life would look like and what are the most important rules to live in the RV.