Wanting to try RV camping, but don’t have your own wheels? Or even if you have your own trailers but hesitate to go through all the detailed work of packing?

For a luxurious, yet rustic way to immerse yourself in nature and all-things-Nanaimo, we have several RV Glamping units that deliver camping feeling yet still with all the comforts of your home.


Your RV GLAMPING UINT includes:


·         Bedroom with a queen bed

·         Bunk house with bunk beds

·         Fully equipped kitchen

·         Bathroom with a separate shower

·         Cozy living area

·         Outdoor kitchen and amazing fire pit in a beautiful site 


Schedule and RATE:

2021 RV Glamping Amenities and Supplies


Item All glamping units are equipped with the following items:
General Number of electrical slides
Living room Heating, A/C, Radio, Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector
Dining Table and Benches(convertible), Two-seat Sofa(convertible)
Kitchen Tap and Sinks, Gas cooktops, Microwave with Range Hood,  Gas Oven, Fridge, Freezer, Garbage Can, 1Xroll of paper towel, dishwash cloth, Tea Towel
Utensils(1 of each: medium-size non-stick saute pan, medium-sized stainless-steel pot, spatula, ladle, cutting board, 3 cutting knives in different sizes, non-electric kettle). Seasoning(salt packX2, pepper packX2)
Dinner Wares (4 sets of each: 1Xsalad plate, 1Xdinner plate, 1Xbowl, 1Xmug, 1Xdinner fork, 1Xsalad fork, 1Xdinner knife, 1Xsoup spoon, 1Xdesert spoon)
One single serve coffee machine with 2 k-cup coffee pads, 2 decaf coffee pods and 2 tea bags, with creamers, sugar and sweetners
Bathroom Flushing toilet, shower, vanity, mirror, closets, hairdryer, vent with cover
Personal Care: 4Xshampoo and bath foam 2 in 1,  4X hand soap, 1Xbox of Kleanex
Towels:  2X hand towel, 2X bath towel, and 1 X bath mat
Toilet: 2X RV toilet paper rolls
Bedroom 1X Queen bed, closets, vent with cover
Linens: 1Xqueen mattress with encasement(water proof and breathable, blocks bugs and dust mites) and comforter pad, fitted sheet, duvet with cover and 2 X standard pillows with protectors and shams. Queen-size blanket available upon request
Bunk house 2X bunks, 1X pull down bunk, closets, cub couches
Linens: 2 sets of linens will be provided, including 1X RV mattress with encasement, 1X fitted sheet, 1Xtwin duvet with cover, 1 X standard pillow, 1X pillow protector, 1Xpillow sham; Twin-size blanket available upon request
Outside Electrical awning, speaker, lights, outdoor barbecue cooktop, outdoor shower for feet washing
*Glamping unit G-1 has in addition a fireplace in the living room and a kitchen island in the kitchen.
*Each RV glamping site comes with 1X picnic table with two benches, 1X fire ring, 2 to 4X patio chairs, subject to space and availability. Firewood can be purchased from the store.
*Kitchen: Due to the Covid concern, we are offering minimal kitchen utensils and dinner wares. Other kitchen items which are not in the list might be offered and subject to availability. Please check with our office. First come first serve.
*If your reservation has more people than our standard 4-people occupancy, please ask more dinner wares and bed linen, etc from our office.



Fireplace in living room

Kitchen island


1 Queen Bed, 1 Bunk House


Seperate Bathroom





1 Queen Bed, 1 Bunk House


Seperate Bathroom


  • RATES are based on occupancy of up to 2 adults and 2 children aged less than 14 from the same household, per night before applicable tax.
  • EXTRA GUEST RATE is $20.00 per person each night before tax.
  • MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY of one glamping unit is two adults and up to their 4 children.
  • MINIMUM STAY: There is a 3-night minimum on peak days(red highlighted on calendar) and 2-night minimum on non-peak days(orange and beige highlighted on calendar). Full amount is required when booking.
  • PROPANE TANKS: The trailers come with one full tank. Any extra propane is at guest’s cost of $30 per tank.
  • FIREWOOD: Wood could be purchased at our store.
  • PETS: We are sorry that our RV Glamping units do not have the settings to host your pets as of now. Please check our website for an update at a later time.
  • CANCELLATION or RESCHEDULE: We will endeavor to work with you to re-schedule your reserved time. If a cancellation notice is received more than 30 days from your reserved check in date, a full refund less a $40.00 processing fee will be credited to your account. If received within 30 days and more than 15 days from your reserved check in date, a $80.00 processing fee will be assessed. There are no refunds within 15 days of arrival or for early departure. Please send email request to and include your reservation number in the email for us to process. Please expect a 2-week window to receive the money back to your card.
  • DAMAGE DEPOSIT: We will Pre-Authorize your credit card when check in for $500. Within 48 hours of check out, we will release the funds provided there is no damage.  You will be billed for damages occurred.
  • CLEANNESS: We require that the units be returned in the same condition as you receive it, clean and undamaged. Please always be respectful and do your job in maintaining the cleanness of the glamping units. It is agreed that if the unit is returned in poor condition that a surcharge of $150 will be charged to the guest.
  • INSURANCE: Customer contents are not covered by our insurance and are the sole responsibility of the guest.
  • REPLACEMENT: In rare cases that the trailer you reserved needs to be repaired and can’t host your stay, we will endeavor to switch your group to another available trailer. If a replacement can’t be provided from us by all means, we’ll have to reschedule or cancel your booking and release your full payment without deducting any processing fee. We will try our best to offer you 10% discount when you book with us next time.
  • Please understand the RV Glamping site might be switched to other site without pre-notice.



  • CHECK-IN for RV Glamping begins at 4PM.
  • CHECK-OUT time is no later than 10AM.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the extended cleaning time pertaining to our COVID-19 protocols and procedures, we are sorry that we cannot accommodate early check-ins or late check-outs currently. We appreciate your understanding on this.



  • Our water comes from certified and strictly-monitored well. We encourage you to join us in the effort of saving the water and protecting the environment. We will collect used linens and kitchen utensils/dinner wares after you check out. You may contact our office if you need anything.



Note: Please read our COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Procedures which will be revised timely according to the regulations of the governing authorities. If there is any conflict between these two documents, the COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Procedures rules.

Please refer to our Park General Rules and adhere to them.

  • Please note Mountainaire Campground and RV Park reserves the right to change the terms and rules without pre-notice.
  • SMOKING: Sorry, smoking is not permitted in the units as this can result in a $500 cleaning fee.
  • SMELLS: Please be considerate for other guests to enjoy their stay as well. Please refrain from bringing food with strong smells into the trailer, either in the fridge, freezer, sink, pots, or cooktop. It is prohibited to clean or cook seafood products with shells or with strong smells inside the glamping units.  A pot with smelly clam soup left without cleaning is un-acceptable and we reserve the right to bill you on such irresponsible behavior.
  • ELECTRICITY: Trailer is basically not a house, but a car hooked up to an 30amp electric outlet. The electricity usage should be very minimal. The major appliances have been labeled their wattage for guests to see.  Please always calculate your power usage at any time of using more than 2 to 3 appliances at the same time. The total power consumption should not exceed 3300w otherwise the circuit breaker will be triggered. The biggest power consumption appliances are fridge/freezer, A/C, microwave, and range hood. Using several phone or iPad chargers (~100w to 200W each), while having A/C on, coffee machine on (~750w to 2000w) and one people using hair dryer (1000w to 2000w) could cause fuse blown of the trailer. Anything else uses “resistor” to create heat draws a huge amount of power, such as electric kettle. That is why we are only providing non-electric kettles. We are providing low power hair dryer(1000w) and coffee machine(750w) which will take longer time to dry up your hair or to brew a cup of coffee. Please kindly understand that we are trying our best to provide you quality staying environment while still maintaining safety of our guests and the park. Please do NOT plug in your own kitchen or personal care appliances. If unfortunately a fuse breaks up, please talk to our staff to get a replacement. A surcharge of $20 each time will be billed to you account when a fuse broken is due to your party’s over plug-in, if the over plug-in happens often.
  • SEWER: Only RV or marine friendly papers could be flushed down the toilet. Please always use the RV toilet papers provided by us and refrain from flushing ANY other papers down to the toilet. Normal toilet paper, facial tissue, paper towels or any other stuff are not easy to dissolve and will most likely cause clogging. You will be responsible for any repairing materials and/or labors if the damage is caused by your party. 
  • CONTROL PANEL: Please make sure to check the indicating lights of black grey and galley tanks often. If any of them indicates full(F), please call our staff to deplete for you. Please do not deplete by yourself.
  • AIR CONDITIONING: It is important not to over use the A/C. If operating, please close windows and vents. If you are planning to be absent, please turn the A/C off. Excess use will ice up the unit thus cause it to be inoperable. A surcharge of $200 will be applied accordingly.
  • FRIDGE: When entering the RV, please double check fridge setting to see if it is correctly set at auto mode, instead of gas-only mode. Please do not force the use of gas as power source. It will quickly run out the gas tank and cause fridge not in function. Over storage of food will cause not functioning of the fridge. Should you need any help, please reach our staff.
  • HOT SURFACE: Most RV sinks and washroom amenities are made of plastics. Do not put hot pots or hot items directly on the sinks or countertops as may cause damage.
  • BATHROOM: Please plan a 30mins span between each shower to allow water heater to hold sufficient hot water for the next shower. After shower, please always keep the fan cover open and frequently turn on the bathroom fan to boost better moisture release, in order to avoid mold from growing.
  • GARBAGE DUMPING SITE is located outside of the park gate. We thrive to provide you clean and fully sanitized safe vacation environment. Please respect all our efforts and join us in maintaining the glamping units clean, tidy, organized and our park clean.
  • AWNING: Use with extreme care. In moderate to heavy winds, when you are absent or during     the night, they must be retracted for your safety. Awnings can be damaged very easily, therefore keep all fires a safe distance away. Smoke trapped by the awning will activate the interior smoke detector. Ensure that you have the awning high enough to prevent windows and doors from rubbing on the bottom side. During rain, tilt one corner lower than the other to allow runoff. You can always reach our staff for help should you have any questions.
  • Use of the awning is the sole responsibility of the guest. If the awning is deployed, then it is recognized that the guest has agreed to accept all responsibility for the awning.